Coffee House

  • Year: 2005
  • Address: Casino Royal
  • City: 8400 Oostende

Antoine Pinto has been entrusted with the decoration of four spaces inside the Ostende Casino: the Oostend Queen Brasserie, the Coffee House tea room-restaurant, the Lounge Bar night club and the Ok take-away.

He would like to reveal the seaside character of the establishment, which has the chance to have an exceptional environment with the fabulous North Sea as background, playing with suggestion and sensation caused by lights and matters. The Coffee House with its impressive terrace is characterised by the mussel because of the use of black/white/silver in a sober and at the same time sophisticated scene. For the OK take away, Pinto was inspired by fishes of the world, and the surprising Lounge dedicated to Marvin Gaye is decorated according to the jellyfish theme, a naturally luminous animal.