Espaco Lisboa

  • Year: 1999
  • City: Lisbon

To enter the “Espaço Lisboa” is like penetrating a time machine. The building is a former mechanical engineering industry in the former Alcântara quarter. Here we wanted to keep the façade and characteristic spaces of the industrial architecture, so typical in this region of  Lisboa. Concerning the decoration, no single details is left to chance, yellow-pictured walls have been made to give the feeling that they have been placed there a long time ago. The Azulejos theatrical boards, marbles and granites give to the environment something of the Lusitania soul. Let’s add to all this: furniture, crockery, candelabras… made according to ancient techniques, what makes the place more authentic. Customers like in this luminous environment, the mixing of sophistication and big brasseries of Paris or Brussels with emblematic elements of decorative traditions.