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Our Philosophy

The Pinto & Co office, Interior Architectural Design, is the reference in Belgium for designing horeca projects but also for transforming settings of private as well as of public spaces, such as hospitals, aesthetic clinics, conference rooms, hotels and bed and breakfasts, boutiques, spas and exhibition stands.

Pinto & Co manages the whole project, Interior architecture, decor and design; starting with the renovation of the building, the inside fitting out, the decoration, to the design of furniture and even of lights, carpets, logo, menu, cutlery and also staff clothes.

More than 100 projects have been organized by the Belgo-Portuguese Antoine Pinto, also called “the only designer in his own right of horeca concepts in Belgium”.

Antoine Pinto received an academic training and is a spaces sculptor. His creations fall within the installation of Conceptual Art. He transforms a place by using translucent and light elements, and also contemporary materials such as
Corian which he makes available for his bars, ceilings, and infinite forms.

Antoine Pinto always develops new ideas and projects to surprise us by his astonishingly quick imagination.

His secret : a fully integrated approach.


Our office specialises in the Food Service Industry, taking care of the entire concept including menu design as gastronomic adviser.

We are also design experts with public spaces.





Ana Carvalho, Chantal Deleuze, Mireille Roobaert, Pascal Hubert, Pierre-Olivier Tulkens

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